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Donald Trump’s attorneys throw Donald Trump Jr under the Russia collusion bus

Holiday get-togethers are going to be awkward for the Trump family from now on. As a second bombshell story broke today which cemented Donald Trump Jr’s role in colluding with the Russian government to try to influence the election outcome, Donald Trump Sr’s legal team promptly threw Junior under the bus.

After three White House sources confirmed to the New York Times today that Donald Trump Jr was offered dirt on Hillary Clinton by the Kremlin if he met with a Kremlin attorney, Junior is now admitting that he was offered dirt during the meeting, but claiming that he didn’t know in advance that the dirt was going to be offered (source: NY Times). Trump Senior’s legal team then immediately tried to pin it all on Junior.

The spokesman for Donald Trump Sr’s team of lawyers told the Times that “the president was not aware of and did not attend the meeting.” In other words, they’re pinning it all on Donald Junior in order to protect their client, Donald Senior.

Of course it’s not believable that Trump Jr took a meeting with the Kremlin in order to try to rig the election, and Trump Sr somehow had no idea it was going on. So it’s likely just a matter of time before somebody flips on somebody, and it’s proven that Trump Sr and Jr were in on the collusion. But in the mean time, Senior’s lawyers are trying to hang Junior out to dry. Awkward.

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