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Report: New York State investigating entire Donald Trump family in Russian money laundering plot

It’s not a good day to be a member of the Donald Trump family. Not only is his White House falling to pieces in one big punchline, the authorities are waiting in the wings to nail him for his lifetime of assorted crimes. That includes authorities in the State of New York, who can hit Trump and his family with the kind of charges that he can’t pardon. According to a new report, one of Trump’s hotels is now the flashpoint for his family’s financial crime spree.

Political insider Claude Taylor, whose inside sources have been proven correct about Trump grand juries and other matters, shared the following information: “[NY Attorney General Eric] Schneiderman source says Trump Soho is being investigated as “essentially a Russian money laundering operation”. Targets are [Donald] Trump, Trump kids, Felix Sater and Irakli Kaveladze. Kaveladze is the notorious Russian money launderer who was 8th man in June 9 meeting” (source). This connects a lot of dots.

Felix Sater is a longtime former Trump Organization business partner who helped get Trump Soho off the ground. He’s also been convicted for everything from financial ties to the Russian mafia, to stabbing a guy in the face with a glass. Irakli (“Ike”) Kaveladze was an attendee at Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia collusion meeting, and his name was the last to leak out, meaning that everyone else involved with the meeting was trying to keep his attendance a secret.

Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump have previously been tied to Sater and the Trump Soho deal, so “Trump kids” clearly means them, and probably means Eric Trump as well. We’re pretty sure eleven year old Barron Trump was not involved in the Russian money laundering plot, though his father does insist that he’s very precocious. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or post a comment below to continue the discussion.

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