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Report: Robert Mueller has determined Donald Trump can’t pardon anyone for espionage or treason

Donald Trump has shown how much trouble he knows he’s in by asking around about whether he can pardon himself and his family and his staff. Trump even tweeted about pardons this morning, insisting he has the right to pardon anyone he wants for any reasons he wants. But a new inside report asserts that Robert Mueller has already accounted for this scenario and will try to block it.

The New York Times published a secret legal memo from the 1990s today that asserts a sitting president can be indicted while still in office (source). This severely calls into question whether the president is as immune as has always been assumed. This led a political insider who goes by the code name Puesto Loco to post the following: “Source with direct knowledge: Mueller has numerous renown constitutional lawyer legal briefs saying treason & espionage are NOT pardonable.” (source). This changes everything.

Treason charges require an act of war. Many view Russia’s election hacking as a de facto act of war. So any American who conspired with Russia to hack the election can be charged with conspiracy to commit treason. And even if they don’t meet that legal burden, they can still be charged with espionage. If Robert Mueller can block Donald Trump from being able to pardon people Donald Trump Jr. and Michael Flynn, it changes the whole balance of power when it comes to Trump’s endgame.

Robert Mueller didn’t put together that expert legal team for nothing. It’s clear he plans to bury Donald Trump. Down Goes Trump is a fast growing political news and opinion site tracking the road to the impeachment and resignation of Donald Trump. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or post a comment below to continue the discussion. Contact us if you’d like to write for us.

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