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Report: Robert Mueller already has Donald Trump’s tax returns because of James Comey

Donald Trump is panicking this week because he finally learned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller can pull his tax returns at any time without even notifying Trump of the fact that it’s happened. That’s odd, since it’s been common knowledge for months thanks to a number of media outlets pointing it out. But now an inside report says that Mueller already has Trump’s returns, and has for quite awhile.

According to political insider Claude Taylor, whose inside sources have long been proven correct on things like Trump grand juries, “Just got this message from source, ‘Mueller has Trump’s tax returns because Comey had the tax returns.'” (source). If this proves true, it means two things. First of all, it means Robert Mueller has been working with Donald Trump’s tax returns from day one and is already well into investigating whatever clues those returns have provided.

It also means that the FBI was investigating Trump’s financial records back before Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director. This is entirely plausible. During his public hearings testimony, Comey was asked in general if he would pull someone’s tax returns as a method of trying to investigate that person, and he answered yes.

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