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Report: Donald Trump panicking because he thinks Robert Mueller has the White House bugged

Earlier this year, Donald Trump publicly accused former President Obama of having wiretapped Trump Tower. This turned out to be an unsubstantiated claim that Trump had simply made up, and the only debate was whether Trump was being vicious or paranoid. Now according to a new report regarding Trump and Robert Mueller, it looks like Trump really is just that paranoid.

According to the Twitter account Rogue WH Snr Advisor‏, which purports to be an anonymous staffer inside the White House, “Mueller has Trump totally freaked out. He keeps changing passwords, switching out WH staff & interns on a dime and listening for bugs.” (source). This correlates somewhat with today’s official departure of Sean Spicer, and the widely rumored impending departure of Reince Priebus, two advisers who have proved to be more loyal to the RNC than to Trump himself, as well as his attempt at getting Jeff Sessions to resign. It also points to Donald Trump being in the midst of a full-scale mental breakdown as Mueller gets closer to exposing Trump’s many years of criminal financial behavior before he decided to run for president.

So now we have to wait and see what Donald Trump does next. Will he publicly accuse Robert Mueller of having bugged the White House? Will he start publicly lashing out the advisers he’s been trying to force out, accusing them of being in on whatever plot he’s accusing Mueller of? Trump’s next tweets may help tell us just how broken in the head he’s becoming over this whole Mueller investigation.

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