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We’ve reached the “In Case Of Emergency Break Glass” stage of the Donald Trump crisis

As Tropical Storm Don churned the Atlantic currents earlier in the week, The National Hurricane Center issued a bulletin calling the storm “small”, “well defined”, and “not particularly organized”. Don’s weak attributes eventually led to the storm fizzling out near the Caribbean, stripping it of the chance to wreak havoc upon making landfall. As the world tracked (read: mocked) this oceanic disturbance, a majority of our nation already knew that the real Hurricane Don made landfall in Washington D.C. back on January 20th.

With the Russia investigation continuing to widen by the hour, Hurricane Don has started to evolve into a category-5 weapon of treasonous destruction. A recap of Trump-Russia developments over the last 72 hours alone include:

• Russian real estate mogul Ike Kaveladze identified as the 8th person in attendance for a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower

• Revelations of a second secret G20 meeting between Trump and Putin

• Donald Trump, Jr. and Paul Manafort set to testify publicly before the Senate Judiciary Committee, with Jared Kushner set to testify in a closed session

• Trump openly declaring in NY Times interview that he wouldn’t have appointed Sessions as Attorney General if he knew Sessions would recuse himself from the FBI investigation into Russian election meddling

• Deutsche Bank compliance with Robert Mueller’s investigation, handing over Trump’s personal financial records

• Mark Corallo resignation as spokesman for Trump’s legal team, followed by Marc Kasowitz resigning role as Trump’s personal lawyer hours later

• Trump inquiry into his pardoning authority as it relates to aides, family, and himself

• Trump legal team threat of retaliation on Mueller by way of investigating Mueller’s potential conflicts of interest

• Trump public threat to fire Mueller in the event Mueller “crosses the red line” into Trump’s personal finances

What does all this mean? IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: BREAK GLASS

Will Donald J. Trump actually attempt to fire Robert Mueller as special counsel of the FBI? Only time will tell, but America cannot and will not accept this blatant attack on democracy by obstructing our justice system. The grassroots movement #MarchForTruth has already begun its preparations in the event this wild idea comes to fruition. Their website will be the main hub for planned peaceful protests, and based on recent chatter these protests will begin immediately.

It was just days ago when Trump referred to Russian collusion as fake news, and today our 45th President of the United States is doing his homework on the scope of his pardoning authority. A pardon is not a pardon without an admission of guilt. This is all but an admission of guilt. Keep those hammers nearby, and remember to aim for the middle of the glass for best results.

Sources: Washington PostTown HallPalmer ReportNew York Times

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Emily Bourne
Emily Bourne
Emily Bourne studied Political Science at Michigan State University and currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan