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Another rat off the sinking ship: Lindsey Graham says Donald Trump is “betraying democracy”

Now that Donald Trump has proven his status as a Russian puppet on the world stage at the G20 summit, and his approval rating is set to drop to record new lows, even some of the leaders of the Republican Party are now acting like rats fleeing a sinking ship. This morning Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Meet The Press and ripped Trump to shreds.

While speaking with MTP host Chuck Todd this morning on NBC, Lindsey Graham said “I am intent on punishing the Russians” for election meddling. “I want a clear message to Russia that you’ll pay a price for undercutting democracy.” But then Graham stuck the knife in Trump’s back and twisted it.

“If President Trump doesn’t embrace this,” Graham said, “I think he will be empowering the Russians and betraying democracy.” Then he added “Mr. President, you are hurting your ability to govern this nation.”

So there you have it. Graham has never been a fan of Trump, but now he’s declaring him to be a traitor to democracy. And Graham isn’t the only GOP leader fleeing the sinking ship this morning. Marco Rubio briefly found his spine and publicly told Trump off via Twitter (source). But mainstream Americans won’t be impressed with all this mere talk, and are only looking for one thing out of the Republicans in Congress: impeachment.

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