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Capitalism is good – just not Donald Trump’s brand of capitalism

Capitalism is one of the most important foundations of the United States we know and love today. Like it or not, some form of capitalism will always find a way to flourish, despite the desire or determination for socialism and communism to survive. Take China, for example. Even though China is still very much communist, they are looking more and more capitalist every year. Another example includes the large open-air markets in places like Uganda, which gets its merchandise from clothing donated to Africa from well-meaning capitalists.

The dependence the citizens of the United States have on multi-billion dollar corporations is appalling! The vast majority, even if a person is of limited means, is entranced by the trappings of wealth. This would be based on the perception of wealth. This would be based on the perception of wealth put forth by the media in all its wonderful forms. We only see the flashy and expensive merchandise and not all the hard work that goes into making the merchandise, not having any real inclination of how to keep or make real wealth. There is certainly nothing wrong with capitalism or having a bit of wealth. Just be sure to take notice of what is going on in the world around you.

Being upwardly mobile is still looked on favorably in our society. After all, it’s the American way. Come on over from a far away land, work hard, and anyone can become a huge success. Sometimes there are conflicts and opposition, but it’s usually nothing one can’t handle. There should be no argument that one should rise in his or her occupation, even in bulking up one’s bank account enough to be comfortable. It’s what a person chooses what to do with the wealth he/she has worked so hard to acquire that makes a crucial difference. I leave those thoughts to people who have actual wealth, which is something I am really not qualified to think about. I don’t even get paid enough to care. Just because someone makes more money or makes less money than you, that person should still be treated as an individual and equal, with dignity and respect. The balance of power needs to be a lot more balanced. Corporations are not people. Corporations should not be treated as individuals, especially at tax time.

The large corporations need to be reigned in a lot. Corporations reap in billions of dollars off the backs of hard-working American citizens every year, yet jobs are sent overseas and import goods instead of manufacturing in the United States. Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States would at least give the American citizen a chance. Yes, goods would cost a little more for a product might live nearby and would be contributing just as much to the local economy. Strengthening the economy on the lower levels of the corporate ladder will eventually strengthen the economy as a whole. Basically the exact opposite of Reagan’s trickle-down economics of the 1980’s. That didn’t work out so well, so let’s try it in the opposite direction.

Many corporations now have social responsibility programs. They are great marketing opportunities for the big corporations. The goal being to use public relations and ethical practices to make more money. All style and only superficial substance. More money is made by the executives in these corporations by being wolves in sheep’s clothing. The only thing that matters to these executives is seeing the bottom line inflate as far as it can without the bubble bursting. Sometimes the bubble does burst. It’s the American citizen that bears the brunt of that bursting bubble. The Great Recession began when the mortgage industry bubble burst. Millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs because a bunch of fat cat executives decided that sub-prime mortgages were another road to massive profits. There is still room for capitalism in America. After all, that’s how jobs are made. Too many corporations have been doing it wrong and only have their own interests at heart. Never with the American citizen.

Now we have one of those fat cat executives as President. It’s certainly not the first time we’ve had businessmen in the highest office in the land, as there have been at least three in the history of United States Presidents. During the years we have had businessmen as presidents this country was in an awful state when they left office. Now we have president Trump. A Republican who has changed the party to the modern equivalent of the Know-Nothing Party of the mid-nineteenth century. He refuses to give up his corporate holdings, causing a conflict of interest in the office, and he’s collecting the presidential salary on top of it. From what I can tell, he’s planning on feathering his already plush nest in other ways as well. Primarily on the backs of hard-working Americans. Mrs. Clinton got nearly three million more votes. At least she knows what goes into being the leader of the free world. She’s had plenty of experience as first lady and Secretary of State. Trump has zero experience of any kind and apparently sees fit to only appoint those with no experience to his cabinet. He embodies corporate greed. He is the maniacal dictator of the twenty-first century. Oh woe! The American memory is so very short!

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Paige Pitcher
Paige Pitcher
Paige Pitcher is the publisher of Bluestocking Corner