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How the Resistance can defeat the Donald Trump and Republican Party agenda

When Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and it became clear that the GOP would control congress, many in the nation felt loss and betrayal. It isn’t just the marginalized that felt and continue to feel this way. Though it’s true the most affected by the disdain of the GOP are the minorities, the people of color, the gays, lesbians and transgendered, and the poor, many in the white straight majority also feel conned.

As the GOP continues its war against women, the middle class and the aforementioned groups, all purportedly in support of some kind of conservative religious beliefs (held only by a minority), many in the nation will suffer harm. However, it seems that the GOP’s true aim is to limit freedoms, freedom of democracy and freedom of the press, and to support only the wealthy class. They speak of voter fraud and accuse legitimate outlets of fake news in order to make us distrustful of the bedrocks of our long-lasting democracy.

They attempt to foment an ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ mentality. They attempt to separate us from one another when the truth is, we are all in this together. What we must resist is the idea that it is okay to marginalize or discriminate against this or that group. We must resist the idea that our voter rolls have major flaws, and that any news that doesn’t toe the GOP line is fake.

We may personally not agree with the religious right or the liberal left or Gay rights or Black Lives Matter or Planned Parenthood or whatever they seek to divide us with. But we have to put aside these differences now in order to defend our very democracy. It is time for everyone in the nation to stand together to fight against the divisions and the end of our democracy that Trump and the GOP would like to foist on us with their lies, half-truths and their abysmal legislation.

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Matt Woodruff
Matt Woodruff
Matt is the founder and former publisher of ElementQ Magazine in NY. He's on staff at the University of Florida and he currently publishes the website