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The Resistance is not Futile

All Star Trek fans are familiar with the phrase, “Resistance is futile.” Like the Borg, that fearsome hive-mind race of machine and biologic hybrids in the Rodenberry universe, Donald Trump and the GOP also want us to believe that ‘resistance is futile.’ But it isn’t. If anything resistance is the most powerful tool in our arsenal to end the corruption and illegitimacy of the current U.S. presidency. The very fact that GOP senators and representatives are loathe to now hold ‘Town Halls’ because of the opposition they face therein, is proof positive of this.

Republican lapdogs like Ted Yoho (FL-3) in true ‘hive-mind’ fashion, has gone as far as to say that a congressman’s first priority is in providing complete support to the president. That couldn’t be further from the truth, any elected representative’s first priority is to support his or her constituents and the Constitution, but they want you to believe this President is entitled to unwavering support.

Donald Trump and his underlings try to program us to believe that the media is telling us only lies, and is all fake news. In this they try to separate us from those who know how to find the truth, and then report about it. The free media has always been a balancing factor in this country against governmental corruption – a clarion call to resistance.

How do we resist the lies and half-truths promoted by our Borg-like government? One simple way is to continue to share on social media the truth about what is happening in Washington. Use your Facebook and Twitter to share those news stories that unveil the corruption and double-dealing, to expose the lies and half-truths that roll off the lips (or fingers) of those in power. Share the calls to resist, promote events that spread our voice, expose the hypocrisy of those in power and encourage friends and family to pay attention to what is happening. Resistance is not futile.

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Matt Woodruff
Matt Woodruff
Matt is the founder and former publisher of ElementQ Magazine in NY. He's on staff at the University of Florida and he currently publishes the website